Thanks for stopping by, my name Is Hank Cruz and i'm a local plumber along with a drinking water softener expert.  By expert, I mean that I have been carrying this out for more than Two decades and I have experience of the industry.     I have worked for some of the leading companies and I possess helped home owners across the globe find the right filtration system for their home.    I truly desired to start this web site to assist those who work in need and also to produce suggestions about the very best systems and how to choose the best system.
What motivated me to start this blog?  I noticed an enormous market where individuals experienced a lot of concerns.    Should you go online, you can see that there is so much info available but almost all of it is rubbish.    I thought I possibly could really make a difference and supply actual information that people could use to make their own decision without having to be offered all the way.   I have a good family and that i live in Chi town as of now.  I hope you men and women could possibly get a great deal out of my blog and I really understand the suggestions on my small articles.  Take care all of you. .


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